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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Conquering Conflict: Make Team Building a Priority

The beauty of intentionally using team building to solve conflict in blended families is that it builds trust. As family members work out conflict as a united team, the members bond with each other. It doesn't happen instantly, but the effects can be seen over time.

Resolving Conflict in the Blended Family, by Tom and Adrienne Frydenger gives the best description I've seen of how a team builder approaches conflict:

"A team builder values other people. He/she believes others have a right to their own opinions.

The team builder accepts people's difference of opinion. He recognizes that those differences are not necessarily right or wrong, but are based on each individual's perception of the conflict.

The team builder wants to involve all conflicting parties in the resolution process.  

Once everyone has expressed his or her initial position, the team builder is willing to cooperate in the process of resolving the conflict.

A team builder recognizes that being trustworthy and being able to trust are necessary for cooperation.

A team builder does not use coercion, manipulation or force to get what he wants, but tries to persuade by discussing all of the information presented rationally.

The team builder will commit to the consensus of the group. "

Team building is a process and it requires effort. But it is the best approach for most circumstances, when conquering conflict in blended families.

Do you use a team approach in conflict situations?

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